From the beginning of time, throughout the entire world, pure white doves have represented love, peace, purity and fidelity. Doves are the perfect symbol of marriage because they choose their mate and are faithful to them for life.


Package One


Two snow white doves are released from decorative baskets usually by the groom and his bride.

Once released they will soar skyward and circle your guests before they begin their journey home.

The perfect symbol of unity and commitment as you begin your new life together. 


Package Two


This is as package one.

However, we include two fantail doves in decorative cages to be displayed at the entrance of your venue.

These beautiful doves add a special touch of romance to the occasion.




Package Three


This is as package two.

However, this package will include the spectacular release of a flock of snow white doves from a decorative basket.

This is truly a stunning sight and makes this package the ultimate wedding dove release.